Thursday, January 7, 2016

Needle Felting Fun

 One of my presents for Christmas was a needle felting kit from Back to Back Alpaca (click HERE).  I have been having fun making a Gnome and a Santa.  Sue Bunch, owner of Back to Back Alpaca is a wonderful teacher and extremely helpful.  Her video on making a gnome got me started.  (click HERE)
Santa was going to have white fur around his hat and mittens, but then I decided to give him a Nordic hat instead.  Since these photos, I have embroidered white thread along the edges of his hat, mittens and bottom of the figure.  It is just that time of the year.


Barbara said...

Oh wow, Marlene, I knew you would be good at this! The face reminds me a little of your Gran-pods, which, by the way, I need to know if you have listed any of them for sale!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Awee so cute. I do enjoy both wet and needle felting. Looks like you do too. I hope you join in on my contest. Rules will be posted on Jan.7
Have a great weekend

Lupe Meter said...

That little needle felting Santa is awesome, Marlene! Great work!