Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Papier Mache

This is one of those ideas that will need to be "worked through" several times.  I'm not happy with the first go around, but I'm learning from it.
 I wanted a centerpiece for a sea food dinner; more of a tablescape.  A mermaid vase full of flowers and interchangeable pieces around it and situated down the table runner on either side of the vase.
So I built the aluminum foil armatures.  Made a huge mess with the CelluClay which is a ready made papier mache mix.  Covered the armatures with the CelluClay.  They turned out much larger than what I wanted.  But, carry on I must; I've gone this far.  Then I started covering one of the tea light holders with polymer clay and baked it.  Turned out OK.  I painted it, and moved on to the next piece.  As I am working on all this, I realize I'm using a huge amount of polymer clay experimenting with this idea and thinking, "When all this is done, where am I going to store this rambling creation?"


Barbara said...

I'm giggling because I know you are happiest when making a mess. Out of your lemons always comes lemonade! I am certain your table idea will be great. Where will you store this? Why, on your table, of course. My favorite vase is at the top of your page, the award-winning blue one. Maybe that will go well with this idea!

Wendy said...

I know it will look magnificent Marlene and love the way you follow your creative bliss. If you are anything like me, the event for which the sea scape was made will arrive and I would be creatively spent and serve Vegemite sandwiches on a fabulously decorated table! My husband always gets nervous about elaborate tables thinking they mean little food! Have fun and keep us posted!