Thursday, January 14, 2016

Polymer Clay & Texture

 Aluminum foil armatures, CelluClay over the foil and then I covered the CelluClay with polymer clay and baked.  Texturing is my favorite part. However, I kept getting unwanted fingerprints and nail scratches. I couldn't pick it up or turn it without unwanted marks.  I thought, "I wish I had a pair of texture gloves" so I could handle it anyway I wanted to.  And then it dawned on me I did have texture gloves.....a pair of great exfoliating bath gloves!  And they worked beautifully!  It is taking on a life of its own.


Barbara said...

Isn't it funny when we think we need to go shopping for something only to find it under our noses. Very cool effects!

Gene Black said...

I have used rubber gloves to avoid fingerprints and unwanted texture on pieces that I want shiny and smooth.

Louise Hill said...

Fabulous idea to use bath gloves for texture.... thanks so much.