Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brady's Finger Painting With Polymer Clay Technique

I know, you're asking yourself, "Finger painting with polymer clay? What?" But it is. Had this vase that I loved and in the process of moving to Arizona, it cracked. It didn't just crack a little, it cracked from the top to the bottom. I warmed up some green, copper and gold. Took a smidge of green and smashed it on there. The warmth from my fingers allowed it to thin as I applied pressure and it became easy to build layers. Took some copper and applied it over the green, pulling the ends out to resemble a cactus.
Added some gold here and there and that was it for the outside. The crack was covered and I was happy with the design. I did the same on the inside where the crack was apparent, finger painting a cactus design. I have a large convection oven just for curing polymer clay so the vase fit perfectly on its side. So far so good; the polymer has not chipped, cracked or peeled in six years.

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