Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The first two paintings below were an experiment with the liquid polymer clay over fabric. They turned out great and both were sold, so I will be doing more of these. It is really a messy product to work and a little time consuming, but worth it. The underlay of these paintings is a drizzling of regular gel medium, then handmade papers, then acrylic glazes. After the fabric was on, it was finished with more drizzles of the liquid polymer. After it was dry, the cloth was painted with a metallic acrylic paint and sealed with with a spray matte varnish.
Every once in a while I try my hand at impressionistic landscapes and abstracts. I look through my files, books, magazines and attempt to duplicate part of a composition or color combination, always falling short (gee, I wonder why....because they have degrees, worked hard and had years of study under famous artists and I had no art training??). But isn't it all about creating??

I love this little 8 x 10 painting below. I'm not sure why I love it so much, but I do. Maybe because I love the color periwinkle (the word too). Maybe because it gives me a sense of calm and peace. I like paintings where I have to "fill in the blanks". It forces me to get involved and connect.

The painting below has an underpainting of gold leaf, tissue papers & gel mediums. Acrylic glazes were added next and then sealed with a matte varnish (UV protection, of course).
The painting below (2 photos) is the result of an accident. I was arranging my finished paintings on the floor to get an idea of how I was going to hang them in my booth for the art show. My left wrist kept getting weaker and as I picked up a painting with my left hand, it fell out of my grasp, fell to the floor, puncturing two other paintings. Completely ripped through the canvases as it bounced from one to the other. And, of course, the one that fell couldn't give me a break and stay untouched. The stretchers were cracked. Anyway, to make a short story even longer, I cut up the canvases and have used the pieces in different collages. As long as the canvas pieces are sealed well with a good gel medium, they are fine. I was so tickled when the lady who purchased it said she really like the layering of canvases. Serendipity at its best.

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