Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beads in the Making Necklace

Finished the beads and finally got them strung.
I'm satisfied with it and I like using the bead rollers so may give it another try.
Doing some pendants tomorrow.


Doreen said...

Hooray! I am so happy you didn't give up on these beads! This necklace is gorgeous! Do you seal the metal leaf? I really want to put some leaf on some canes I'm making, but am afraid it will tarnish.

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Doreen. I give it a light spraying of an acid free acrylic coating called "Preserve Your Memories II". However, since you brought this up I am going to make another necklace and not seal it. I would love to see a rich patina. Thanks for the inspiration. - Marlene

Beadwright said...

I really love this necklace. I have about 20 different blouses and shirts that it would go with. OK OK so these are my colors. LOL