Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Texture Plate from Laser Cut Paper

The above is going to be a pin. I still want to sculpt a small black spider to put on it.
The texture plate produced some nice crisp impressions (above). I did give the baked plate a light dusting of cornstarch before applying my scrap clay.
I conditioned some scrap flesh tone polymer and ran it through the pasta machine on a thin setting.
Then took the laser cut paper and laid it on the polymer and ran it through the same thin setting on the pasta machine. Then I gently lifted the laser cut paper off the polymer and it resulted in the above. I am holding the baked piece (above) in front of a light so you can see the transparency. Kind of fun.
I know I still have to make some cupcakes. I have tons of the pretty cream color wraps (above), so will make a chocolate brownie cupcake with chocolate frosting and tiny pearl candies on top. Like yesterday's picture. Yeah, right.

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Anonymous said...

Very, very clever and creative!