Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beads in the Making II

I like them; kind of ceramic looking. I think they will make a pretty necklace.
Popped them in my new digital convection oven and went on to make more.
Took them out of the oven and started slicing them. Something was wrong. The oven had blown a fuse. I had no way of knowing how long they had baked. Not long enough, so I am back to square one and am going to try to give them another baking and slice when warm. Funny, I already know I am wasting my time on this, yet, I cannot give up. Why is it so hard to cut our losses?


Doreen said...

I hope you didn't give up! I think they should be fine if you just bake them again and then slice them warm. They are so pretty!

Pat Sernyk said...

Hehe Marlene...
Once I found this cool older bead I had made...I really liked its texture and outer details. When I went to string it, it started to crumble. It felt sort of 'different' from the other beads...and finally I determined that it had never been baked. I did bake it again, but it had been sitting out so long, I think some of the plasticizer had leached out. If your beads hadn't touched anything other than the rods they were on, rebaking them soon after (within a day or two) should yield good results. And I do love the organic look of them. Wishing you well with that... Pat