Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Parts of Me

Creating something that touches the viewer is an unbelievable feeling. No words to describe it.
Whether the viewer feels positive, negative or ambiguous isn't the point.
It's the "feeling" part.
When someone connects to a piece of art, it is on an extremely personal level and for me, that connection is to be respected, honored, revered. What a gift! Peers who give a compliment, or friends and followers who take the time to comment; those are the moments in life that are so few and far between, but so very unforgettable.
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin about.


swimmingpoulette et malou said...

toutes ses oeuvres sont exceptionelles et tes creations géniales,un vrai régal avec des objets inédits............

Anonymous said...

I love your hand-sculpted faces! This one makes me smile. :)

Rhonda said...

Beautiful post, your words are from the heart. Art is from the heart. It pains me when someones says to me after I show them something I've created, "what do I do with it?" - I shutter at the insensitivity of that statement.

When I purchase a piece I cannot live without, it's only purpose is to place it where I can see it and enjoy it. You don't "do anything" with art. You admire it. I need new friends, LOL

Its All About Creating said...

Merci and thank you! Made my day! -Marlene