Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watercolor Painting

Greens, purples and gold; a quick plein air desert sketch.  The above photo has a greenish tint to it, but the painting doesn't. I think I need Photoshop Elements. I looked at software today, but I want to research a little more before I invest the money and time.


Anonymous said...

Marlene, I can see from your last photo that the others are a bit intense. I have Photoshop 6 and there's one tool that I use a lot when cthat happens. It's an adjustment for "Saturation". I'll download your 3rd photo, adjust the saturation on it in Photoshop and send it to you privately. You might like to see the result of that one setting. By the way, this is a wonderful and lovely landscape. Again, I'm impressed with anyone who has good water color skills. It was my downfall in college art classes.

Rhonda said...

Your water colors have always been a favorite with me, Mar. I see our Arizona desert has been captured well.