Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Shopping

Went shopping to Michael's. I will probably cover this paper mache' skull with the rest of the Skeleton Crew cane.
More candy molds for polymer. I cut them up as soon as I get them home and throw them in with the rest of the plastic candy molds.
I don't know about spooky, but they're interesting. Someone stop me.


Anonymous said...

Why would we want to stop you, Marlene? You are the "Halloween Queen" in my book, and you take up the slack where I don't do much of anything for Halloween. Just keep movin' on!

Whytefeather said...

I'm right there with Barbara... Stop you, goodness why would we?!! Lol.
Hadn't thought of using the candy molds for polymer clay... though I'm pretty sure you've mentioned that before. I'll have to try to remember that the next time I'm at the craft/hobby store.

manetu martin said...

Actually this is very helpful. I'll use this next time I make a nithing pole