Sunday, October 17, 2010

Squiggle Beads

My article on "Squiggle Beads" made the December issue. Yay. I am so happy. It is good I have this excitement to balance out my extreme nervousness. I am leaving in the morning for major surgery and will be laid up 6 weeks. Again, I have the overwhelming urge to tell everyone how much they mean to me and how grateful I am to have them in my life. Including you guys. Thank you for following, visiting, commenting and being a part of my life.


coltpixy said...

Good luck with your surgery Marlene. I wish for you a speedy recovery.
(((hugs))) Star

Lois Moon said...

I hope you mend well and are back in-line soon. Buena suerte!

Anonymous said...

Trying again, Blogger seems to be burping. First, Marlene, congratulations on the article! Also, I'll be around following your pre-posts, and will be looking forward to your return in real time when you are once again up to it. I know you will do well, many healing thoughts are being sent your way!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again on your article, Marlene. Instead of wishing you luck...I will be praying for your surgery, for healing, and that your recovery time goes by fast. Take Care and God Bless. Love your squiggly beads by the way! Also loved seeing your halloween stuff up close at the guild meeting...loved all your creations!

Whytefeather said...

Another magazine, how wonderful!! Good for you!
Thank you so much for the great comment you left on my blog, some how the email notification never showed up.
I'll be sending you good thoughts and warm hugs for your surgery and recovery! Take it easy afterwards and take good care of you!