Monday, October 11, 2010

What Did I Create Today?

......a bill. I fell in love with this antique Mexican sugar cone mold I saw on Geninne Zlatkis' blog "Geninne's Art Blog" (click HERE) and HAD to have it. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Heck yeah. It makes me feel "artsy" and somehow connects me to the peaceful feeling I get looking at Geninne's studio.
It is so intriguing how objects connect us to something and at the same time create an emotion. How our five senses create our memories.
How our creative spaces become our sanctuaries.
Visit her Etsy store (click HERE) and her Flickr site (click HERE) for inspiration. Visit her blog, experience the peace, see her beautiful creations, marvel at her talent, sense of bliss and artistic purpose.

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Lois Moon said...

Oh yes! In my dreams I work in her studio and live in her house. I'm off the Mexico this winter to visit my in-laws. Can't wait to go looking for treasures. Did you see the post about Gennie teaching near her home in Mexico? Oh, I wish I could go.

I tried to make a faux sugar mold - I glue 2x4's together, drilled our holes, stained and distressed the wood, and finally waxed it. It is nowhere near as lovely as the pic above. I use it with votives. But I actually bought some cones of sugar recently and need to use them as a template to shape a more authentic mold.