Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beaded Necklace and Bracelet

I beaded the necklace and bracelet in right angle weave (RAW) in a light blue to dark blue triangle beads.  The Kimono display stand is from Good Will (second hand store). The necklace and bracelet have a very sumptuous feel to them and I love the colors. Here's right angle weave instructions from Around the Beading HERE. They have wonderful instructions and patterns...check them out. Here is the link to their blog....HERE.


Rhonda said...

Absolutely amazing! This necklace is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The third photo, enlarged, really gives a sense of the intricate bead stitching. I love the colors, and of course, it's stunning!

Lupe Meter said...

Gorgeous! What a display and to think you got at a second hand it! How long did it take you to make the necklace? Beautiful!