Monday, January 17, 2011

Windows, Doors & Paths

I notice that I have a "thing" for windows, doors and "paths". Most of my paintings have some kind of path in them. Mmmmmmm, the universe giving me a message? But then again, I get stuck on one thing until it's out of my system--like the animal prints. Ahhhhh, my little world.


Barbara said...

I also take particular notice of certain things including pathways. Trees are another of my "things", also the night sky. Unlike other things that I eventually give up pursuing, these never leave my system. I love your photos, and wonder -- is the one at the top a photo or a painting?!

Rhonda said...

I love these posts. I too, get stuck until it's out of my system. For me it was months and months of religious images. I only realized yesterday that, ok, I've got enough of them. What a relief.

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Barbara. The one at the top is a photo, but oddly enough, when I posted it, I thought, "Boy, that would make a great painting!"

And Rhonda, everyone loves your religious series. You should still bring them back once a year.

Marie S said...

I too get stuck and play with the image that is stuck in my head until I am done with it.
It must be the process, I am finding that I do come back to some of them too!!
These pictures are fabulous. Doorways are one of mine too!!
Thank you for sharing them.