Friday, January 21, 2011

Desert Valentine

Isn't that the sweetest little cactus heart you've ever seen?
We were visiting some family and friends for a couple of days and spotted the desert valentine and gorgeous purple cactus in our friends' landscaping. Made my day.
There's all 6'7" of the hubby so you can see that's a mighty big brown paper bag. We were at a resale book store tracking down some knitting and painting books I saw online. Found the books I wanted, had a great time and got some good photos. Now back to the studio.


Barbara said...

I love the photos! The purple cactus especially is inspiration for a bead project.

Rhonda said...

Great Post! Seriously, I had no idea he was that tall! He must think I'm really short, lol.

You were meant to find that heart shaped cactus!

See ya Sunday - GO BEARS - LOL

Desert Rubble said...

I actually hate cactus but have loved those darned purple cactus from the first time I saw them! And I LOVE Bookman's, too =)