Friday, January 14, 2011

The Zebra Bracelet

I finished the 3-drop peyote Zebra bracelet. I have never tried a 3-drop peyote pattern before and am glad I did because it went so fast! The 3-drop really has a lot more texture than the other two. I am still loving the animal prints. If anyone out there knows of any animal skin peyote patterns, please let me know. Can I just say one more time....I am so happy to have my computer back. Yay.


Anonymous said...

Another exquisite beaded piece! Your animal prints are wonderful. You are way ahead of me with beading stitches. I don't even know what a 3-drop peyote is -- just recently mastered basic peyote! A question -- I see your Etsy shop has decided on a vacation instead of being re-stocked. :( I was waiting for you to offer your Flowered Moebius. It truly would match my latest wardrobe additions perfectly. Let me know if you'd like to sell it. I do love it!

Carol Creech said...

Hey Marlene! The zebra bracelet turned out beautifully! Love the animal prints. Such texture! Glad you are back online.

Michele Huff said...

Beautiful!! I love animal prints to, great job!