Monday, March 28, 2011

Industrial Charm

I finished my bracelet (sort of)! I say sort of because I still want to incorporate some polymer in there. A good friend and her husband spent 6 weeks in Europe. As my gift, she brought back an organza bag full of beautiful crystals and an antique bakelite component she got in a Paris flea market.
I've been wanting an industrial charm bracelet forever. But I wanted something with meaning to me and something I could afford. Michael's craft store now sells industrial jewelry charms, components and findings in three different colors of metal. Perfect.
The pencil=art, the compass=direction, #7 & #17=luck, G=gratitude, bucket=bucket list
the wheel=keep going, key=risk, blue metal flower=growth, the little light bulb and spring=an idea that springs forward and the spirals=that creative idea that spirals into a finished piece. I added the crystals to the bottoms of the charms. They equal friendship.


1129 said...

meaningful and beautiful! best nicoletta

Barbara said...

Been away, now catching up here. This bracelet is like a busy painting where there's so much going on that one doesn't know which way to look next. It's wonderful!