Saturday, March 26, 2011

Polymer Photos Part 5

Some of my polymer clay pieces in a window display (through Photofunia, a free photo editing program), and
oh my gosh....who is that? Kind of looks like Brad Pitt adding a few words on the photos of my polymer clay sculptures? Only through Photofunia.


Barbara said...

I have to admit that Brad Pitt paying attention to my work would be *very* nice, but honestly, I love Part 4 Sculpture Photos of this Photofunia journey the most! Actually, I don't even need Photofunia to appreciate "Tribal Woman". She's stunning and imparts an enormous amount of emotion, almost seems human to me. I totally love her.

Rhonda said...

I didn't see Brad Pitt but I'm going to go check it out, momma likey.

That site is so much fun, thank you so much.

Its All About Creating said...

It's from Photofunia effects. Obviously, it's an old pic of him. I had to look twice too. I notice that Photofunia changes their effects quite often, removing some, adding new and changing them around. Keeps me going back for more. Do I not have enough going on and yet, I'm playing with this almost everyday. I get a kick out of me.