Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Polymer Photos Part 1

Above is the original photo of a polymer clay sculpture I did called, "Warrior". The shading is done with polymer and I made the rabbit skin head piece.
I've been playing with Photofunia, click HERE - adding some photos of my polymer sculptures. I love this book effect.
You just pick an effect, click on it, browse your photos, double click on it, it will come up on the effect, hit OK and it will upload. Then you can right click on it and hit copy, right click again, go to my pictures, and right click, paste. Voila! Magic.
So cool.
Photofunia is really Phun (sorry). A couple of days of this I'm afraid. Polymer, polymer, polymer.


Barbara said...

Love seeing this face, and now I know there will be lots more to come. Looking forward to it!

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Barbara. I kind of got on a roll last night and just kept posting for a few days ahead.

Rhonda said...

I'd love to watch you do this. I bet it is fun.