Thursday, March 24, 2011

Polymer Photos Part 3

These are photos of two polymer clay sculptures I did using ProSculpt.
Using Photofunia, I made them into a pastel drawing, a puzzle,
a museum exhibit, and.....
a billboard. I sculpted the head and hands from polymer and painted them. I then wired them onto a thick cardboard cone armature and glued all in place. I then cut and draped the suede leather to fit the figure and added the beading and painted details on the leather.


Barbara said...

Marlene, the enormity of what you've done with the two sculptures really astounds me; and the ability of others to share them in numerous ways is truly inspiring. If I'm understanding this correctly, there isn't a photo of the sculptures themselves, so I'm wondering how big they are.

Its All About Creating said...

Uh Oh. None of the above is real. Photofunia is a free photo editing program. You don't download it, you just use it online. No info required. I posted full directions on March 22. You just take one of your photos from your computer and plop it into one of Photofunia's those above. The sculptures were 12" and 16". I wish it were real.