Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chef Polymerie

I'm probably the last person on the planet to discover Pinterest (click HERE). From there you can go the left side and click on one of the categories such as DIY and discover tons of new Do It Yourself crafts including polymer clay. I am having so much fun with it. It is a Virtual Pinboard where you can organize what you find on the web and keep it on your pinboards. For instance, I love finding tutorials for polymer clay or beadwork and now I have a place to quickly access them. You can redecorate, plan a party, find your style, save your inspirations, tutorials and recipes all in one place. BUT, the best part is discovering tons of new things through others with the same interests. Everyday, I learn something new and always, always come away feeling better after viewing the beautiful things people post. You can access my Pinterest board by clicking on Chef Polymerie over on my sidebar where it says "For Free Tutorials, etc." After you click on the Chef, you will see my pinboards. Just click on one and it will take you to the board where you can choose a photo and click on the link under the photo. Oh my gosh, it is so easy and fun. Here is a tutorial from Sorta Crunchy (click HERE). And the little "Disclaimer" under Chef Polymerie is true--not responsible for hours of lost time, neck ache, or enabling Pinterest addiction! (hehe)Link


Lupe Meter said...

Loved what you have done with your pinboards, Marlene...awesome! When do you find time to do all that? I registered for it while ago but can't seem to find to the time make the the different pinboards. Thanks for sharing!

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Lupe. When I was a kid, I loved magazines and books with beautiful pictures. It relaxed me. This is like a never ending array of magazines. It inspires me and takes me to different worlds. Yeah, still relaxes me and I just love it.