Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Handmade Tools

My friend in polymer, Shirley K. Johnson sculpted the above polymer clay sculptures of Mark Twain and Hemmingway using her hand made custom sculpting tools.She has several available in her Etsy store (click HERE). Shirley is such a talented artist in whatever she does, but her polymer clay sculptures are phenomenal. She has been working in polymer since 2002. She is equally as talented in the artistry of these fine tools. The tool above is my favorite for making very fine fingernails. Can't have enough tools, right?


coltpixy said...

I have been looking for a good, very small wire loop tool. Love that hers has the shaper tool on the other end.
It's mine now! bwahahaha!! =)
Thanks for the link!

Shirley Johnson's SkulpTools said...

Thanks for the great "plug" Miss Marlene and ColtPixy too!

I sure hope you enjoy using your SkulpTools as much as I do using mine!

There are many more new tools on the SkulpTools workbench, so stay tuned y'all!

Happy sculptin'