Friday, August 26, 2011

Find the Hummingbird

Click on the photo for a better view of one spectacular bird putting on a show with the skyline of San Diego as a backdrop. Talk about getting away from it all.....a romantic lunch on the water with a private showing of "Flight of the Hummingbird". At lunch, we were still talking about the incident at the western museum where I accidentally set off the security alarm. It was really amazing how quickly a security guard was behind me, talking into his sleeve saying, "Stand down, false alarm". Only me. Anywho, back to San Diego. I was going to post a few more photos, but came across Southern Hospitality's post of where we were and she did a much better job. Click HERE to visit her site. Good to blog hop, yes?

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Great shot! And LOL -- after I enlarged the photo and saw the humming bird against the buildings backdrop, my next thought was "GIANT hummingbird!"
Neat photo, Marlene.