Saturday, September 10, 2011

Free Beaded Witch Tutorial

Hang around for a spell, but not too long or you may be toad! Just long enough to check out Elizabeth Hackbarth's beaded witch tutorial on (click HERE). When you are done batting that out, settle in for a good read. I've added a new book to my Halloween library and highly recommend it, "Witches On The Rise" by Ella Vader". It's spell-binding.


Barbara said...

Marlene, this is so cute, and right up my alley being beaded and not scary at all. :) Off I go to see the link, thanks!

Its All About Creating said...

I read through the pattern this morning and didn't realize there are two different witch photos. I posted the larger one. Well, they are both made with the same pattern, except the larger one is made with larger beads. Don't you love surprises?