Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Has 4 Legs, Striped Stockings and Ugly Shoes?

Twin Witches. What do you say when you see twin witches? Which witch is which? hehe. My dining room table is transitioning for Halloween. Thanks to treasure hunting at Good Will, I was fortunate to find 2 pairs of "witchy-type" shoes for all four dining table legs. Good Will now has an entire section of new Halloween costumes and decorations, so I was able to purchase the stockings there also. Most stores carry the striped witch tights, but the stockings or thigh-highs fit the table legs much better, so I was happy to find them at Good Will. Details, details. Witch Legs aren't pretty you know, so they needed a bit of ugling-up. Above was my inspiration. I saw this on Bubblegum and Duct Tape (click HERE) and knew I had to have it. They actually cut or drilled a hole through the heel of the shoe so the square leg would sit evenly on the floor. My dining table legs curve out and narrow at the bottom and sat flat in the shoe on the floor so I chose not to cut a hole. Tomorrow, some bathroom decorating. I have found some fun Halloween decorating sites....just click on the "Free Tutorials" on my sidebar and click on the Halloween board.


Barbara said...

You are cracking me up here, Marlene! I am in awe that you would do this much for Halloween. I love it all, the rats, the skull, the head under glass, the book titles, and those legs, OMG -- those legs -- what a hoot! I like it much better than the one that inspired you!

Its All About Creating said...

Halloween is my favorite. LOVE the unbelievable creative energy that is involved with this holiday. Everything from costumes, jewelry and decor just amazes me. It is the most creative time of the year!