Sunday, September 19, 2010


I started this aluminum foil and wire armature and thought I would show its development from the very beginning. I guess it goes without saying that I go with the flow of creativity and who knows when I will work on this next, but it's a good beginning. The wire runs completely through to the palm of the hands. I tape it well with masking tape and then start adding the foil in increments-shaping as I go. I got this far and then put it away for another day when I'm feeling like sculpting with aluminum foil. This piece will not have fabric costuming, but will be all polymer.


Anonymous said...

You know I've been curious about the under-construction of your figures, thanks for this post! I'll be watching to see how it develops, and it will be very interesting. One observation and question, that's not a full-sized chair, right? If so, this figure must be as tall as me. ;)

Whytefeather said...

I'll be watching to see how it turns out too! So it's not done yet in the aluminum sculpting phase, you will add more to it before putting the polymer clay on? I was curious, it is ok to bake the polymer clay with the aluminum and wire in it?

I started working on a doll last night using paper clay, using newspaper and floral tape to build the bulk of the body before covering with the paper clay. It was an interesting experiment as I am looking for ways to branch out from just fabric type dolls. I'll see how it dries then go from there.

Its All About Creating said...

Yes, the wire and foil survive the low heat. Even the masking tape and doll tape survive.