Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stocking Face #1

An old piece called "Bad Hair Day"- A nylon stocking stuffed with some batting, then sewn with some embroidery floss and a darning needle.   The unfinished back below.


Carol said...

I used to make and sell holiday dolls with stocking faces. It was so much fun watching the face develope. It was good money too!

Barbara said...

LOL! Some days feel like this face to me -- all pinched and inflexible. Seriously, it's incredible how you achieved so much expression with no more than a stocking, batting, and needle and thread. Very neat!

Rhonda said...

The back of her head is how I feel, LOL

I re-pulled a muscle in my lower back and find it hard to sit for too long, I can't bend, I am getting better slowly.

Love this piece.