Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Profound Words

When I saw that image..I just thought of the “small cuts”….things that people say to others…(not necessarily in a nice way….) and how if someone removed the “surface” (a.k.a skin…) how they might show up…if we all held on to all of them. It was a gut reaction…-Jodie T. Lawrosky I really appreciate when a viewer (friend) takes the time to share their thoughts and feelings. This particular response was profound for me. It hit home. I wanted to share her words and visceral response.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooof! A big thud reading that entirely thought-provoking comment.

Anonymous said...

Profound words, indeed. The tongue can be very hurtful and it does cut like a knife...that is for sure. Some words have lasting effects. And Jodie is right...we need to let them go and not hold on to them and not to let them have power over us. Well said, Jodie!