Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Because I Felt Like It

Wet Felting.  Didn't know a thing about it, but when I saw some YouTube videos (just Google "Felted Dreadlocks) showing how to make Felted Dreadlocks, I had to look into it.  I made several dreads and still have tons of wool leftover.  It takes a little bit of work to get them to harden.  I worked up a sweat!
Like I need another medium to throw into the mix.  But, the dreadlocks fascinate me.  People still wear them.  They can be purchased in bulk on Etsy.  You can leave them in when showering and change them out to a different color when you feel like it.  My hair is way to short, but I might be tempted if I had longer hair (just kidding hubby-maybe).
To give you an idea of what a full head would look like, the above felted dreadlocks are from Ariana Bauer of Studio Desiree (click HERE).  Well, I know this is a bit of an odd posting, but I am inspired by these.  More tomorrow.


Barbara said...

Ah, never too many mediums! Keeps us from getting stale. Now I can relate to this, wet felting, but dreads?! Have never seen those. I don't wet felt the same way when making vessels. All that rolling would not agree with my hands, but layering the wet roving over a for, allowing it to dry, then needle felting when dry works for what I make. Have you see Katie's blog, 'The Red Tin'? She rolls and rolls her heart out doing her wet felting, and she makes the loveliest and most whimsical things with the finished product. Lately she's been carving stamos, so you need to dig really deep into her blog to see my favorite felted piece, an art doll called "Bobbles on my Head". Even further into older posts shows a picture of her actually rolling the bubble wrap, legs akimbo, outside in warm weather. I can't even sit like that anymore! LOL! At any rate, I love that you are doing this Marlene, and cant wait to see what more you make!

coltpixy said...

Those dreads would look awesome on a doll! I love wet felting and needle felting. Learned both in hopes that my sculpting improves enough to make dolls.

Beadwright said...

I love wet felting. I like needle felting too but for me I can do more with the wet.