Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making Fabric Jewelry by Marthe LeVan

I entered Dot Lewallen's giveaway and was fortunate enough to win Marthe LeVan's new book, "making fabric jewelry"!  It is available through Amazon (click HERE) and at local hobby stores.  The first project I want to try is the Chrysalis (second photo).

Marthe's new book has 23 projects by top jewelry designers.  It has great photos with easy to follow instructions.  According to Dot's blog "Speedie Beadie" (click HERE), you will want to dig into those scrap bags of fabric you knew would come in handy someday, or crawl around on the floor picking up those loose pieces of thread, cut up a pair of old jeans you've had since the disco era, and start hitting the clothes section at the flea market looking for unique fabrics.  I will let you know when I receive it and begin a new adventure.  Thank you Dot!

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Barbara said...

Marlene, I am really looking forward to what you create with inspiration from this book. You go, girl!