Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona is an old copper mining town with 80 miles of underground tunnels.  It is filled with ghost stories, antiques, art galleries and unusual sights.

I forgot my good camera, so we had to make do.  Unfortunately a lot of the great shots didn't turn out.  
But, you get the idea that the little mining town is filled with character and charm.  In the photo above (click to enlarge), the yard on the left is filled with everything from bathtubs to street lights while the yard on the right is simple and elegant.
And, of course, what would a town with that much character be without an old VW van covered in bumper stickers!


Roberta said...

These posts about Arizona are some of my favorites. Especially when they have photos. For me it is another world. Here on the east coast you can drive for hundreds of miles and the landscape never, ever changes. Out there you can go to another town that is maybe a little higher or lower and everything is different. I live for my one week in the desert every winter now. Hopefully someday I can extend it to permanent.

A Half-Baked Notion said...

An amazing place, Marlene. I couldn't resist zooming in on that bumper sticker collection. My favourite: "Just because no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist". Think I might put that up in the workspace, in case I ever start to take myself "seriously"!

Its All About Creating said...

OMG, I love that. I didn't even read that one! How funny. Now I have to look for it. Thanks for commenting.

Lupe Meter said...

One of my favorite places to visit! Love taking in the sights, galleries, eateries and the train! We stay at the Grand Hotel. It is a little creepy but love staying there!

Beadwright said...

I love Jerome. I have spent much time there. My heart is in the desert and I miss AZ sooooo much
Thanks for sharing these photos.

Jeff Colburn said...

Nice post and photos Marlene. I too really like Jerome. I'm fortunate enough to live just a few miles away. I've even written a photography ebook about it.

Northern Arizona has so many amazing places to visit and photograph. In the past seven days I've photographed Hummingbird Moths, Lupine (the flower, not the werewolf), Indian pictographs, a log cabin built in 1892, shelf mushrooms, well houses and more. Arizona really is a photographer's dream.

Have Fun,