Thursday, August 9, 2012

Polymer, Bead Crochet and What?

This is what I was inspired to create after seeing felted dreadlocks.  White polymer clay disks fit snugly on the dreadlocks.  The top photo has lots of disks, while the below photo has less.
More is more and less is a bore.  I love the heavily embellished necklace in the top photo.  My bead crochet rope is lightweight and, of course the felted dreads are soft and light as air.  For me, it's a show stopper!


Barbara said...

Wow, what imagination! I couldn't picture what you would do with the dreads, but I had no doubt you'd find something. This truly is an eye catcher. I don't think less ia a bore at all, I think it's more peaceful (if that makes sense, it's a feeling more than a visual), and I love them both!

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Barbara. You are right about the less is more peaceful. I agree. It was my dry sense of humor regarding this particular piece. I, too, love them both!

Beadwright said...

This is fabulous!!!!

Anna Gray said...

Very beautiful work. I love the gorgeous texture. You have a great taste!