Thursday, August 23, 2012

Le Bouton Jewelry

Le Bouton Jewelry is unique, whimsical and inspirational.  When I lived in Chicago, Illinois, I never missed one of their shows.  I received 4 of their brooches (which can also be worn as pendants) as payment for a sculpture repair I did.  I thought I would share these four pieces with you as they are so interesting.  Le Bouton creates one of a kind jewelry using antique buttons, buckles, gaming pieces, cufflinks, coins and watch parts.  The materials in Beverly Eisenstein and Sonni Helmer's creations date back as far as the 1700's and as modern as laser-cut Swarovski crystals.  Le Bouton creates all forms of jewelry including earrings (pierced, clip-on, hanging and post) brooches/pins, necklaces, bracelets, stick-pins, cufflinks and unisex tacks.  You can visit their website (click HERE) to see some of their one of a kind jewelry.

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I wondered, so very clever!