Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 Clay Carnival

All Photos From Donna Kato
I'm home from Vegas.  This year's Clay Carnival attendance was the largest in Clay Carnival history!  Everyone was fun, the classes challenging and Vegas, well, Vegas is crazy, wild Vegas!
 Instructors Left to Right:  Lindly Huanani, Judy Belcher, Donna Kato, Natalia Garcia de Leaniz, Leslie Blackford, Sylvie Peraud and Sarah Shriver.
 The Zen (sort of quiet) Room was the largest, but we still had plenty of room to work.  My schedule was a full 8 hours with Sylvie Peraud on my first day.  Classes start at 8:30, break for lunch at 12:30, resume at 2:00 and go until 6:00.  My 2nd day was a 4 hour class with Natalia Garcia de Leaniz and my afternoon class was 4 hours with Lindly Haunani.  3rd day, 4 hours with Leslie Blackford and 4 hrs  with Donna Kato.  4th day, 4 hrs with Judy Belcher and then we ended with 4 hrs with Sarah Shriver in the afternoon.
We have 3 choices of where we would like to work.  The Rowdy Room, the Chatty Room and the Zen Room.  The Zen Room is supposed to be zen-like; quiet room.   However, several teachers commented that we could be mistaken for one of the other rooms.  Oops.  We never have to change rooms, the instructors bring their tables to each room so it is really convenient.  Once we are set up, we are settled in for the 4 days.  Can't wait until next year!

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Barbara said...

Fun, and although I also would have chosen the Zen room, I would have been as guilty as anyone of making it Rowdy. ;)