Sunday, August 31, 2014


POLYMER CLAY ADVENTURE - YEAR LONG VIRTUAL RETREAT.  Lots of extras, Classes 2X a MONTH, weekly inspiration, classes you keep!
Karen Lewis aka KLEW - bead shapes and designs 
Syndee Holt - multiple bracelet technique
Christi Friesen - walking pod sculptural vase
Barbara McGuire - faux stone and face pendant
Laurie Mika - mixed media mosaic house
Sarajane Helm - ball jointed doll
Ilysa Ginsburg - decorated display stand
Kira Slye - polymer vase and flowers
Chris Kapono - suncatcher tiles
Katie Oskin - woodland critter sculpture
Layl McDill - cat cane
Anke Humpert - translucent jewelry
Lisa Renner - bathing beauty figural sculpture
Tammy Durham - illustrated greeting cards
Tristina Elmes - sculptural fine art with clay and paint
Teresa Salgado aka PANDORA - caning
Marlene Brady - sculptural beads
Linda Hess - votives and vases
Wendy Orlowski - cabezel jewelry
Suzanne Ivester - painting with polymer
Jennifer Morris - embroidery technique
Cat Therien aka CAT - flower cane


Barbara said...

I'll be looking forward to this journey for you. I know we are all in for numerous treats on your blog!

Barbara said...

PS...Lucky students!!?

Its All About Creating said...

Thank you. I am looking forward to it!!

Niviob said...

Website says classes 2x a month not 2x a week.
"PS: New and Exciting Lessons 2x each month for a WHOLE YEAR, that you get to keep forever, presented in video and pdf format (mostly video) and if it's a pdf, the teacher will be doing an online video demo- so you get a big bang for your buck!"

Its All About Creating said...

Thank you so much. I have corrected it! That's what I get for posting so late at night. Thank you for catching my mistake. - Marlene