Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Announcing the first ever all inclusive virtual polymer clay and mixed media retreat!
Right Now -  $80 - the lowest price it will ever be.
Sept.  1 - 10   - $__
Sept. 11 - 20  - $__
Sept. 21         - $99
Polymer Clay Adventure Virtual Retreat is a Celebration of Art for polymer clay and mixed media enthusiasts at all skill levels.  It’s about connection, community, and honoring the creativity in all of us.  It’s designed for people who love to create and meet kindred spirits, and want to immerse themselves in unlimited learning  without breaking the bank.  [Partial excerpt from Polymer Clay Adventure]
The Virtual Retreat is open for registration NOW and officially kicks off January 1, 2015.
Interested?  Wanting to know how to sign up?
Hosts:  Ilysa Ginsburg and Kira Slye

Syndee Holt - multiple bracelet technique
Christi Friesen - walking pod sculptural vase
Barbara McGuire - faux stone and face pendant
Laurie Mika - mixed media mosaic house
Sarajane Helm - ball jointed doll
Ilysa Ginsburg - decorated display stand
Kira Slye - polymer vase and flowers
Chris Kapono - suncatcher tiles
Katie Oskin - woodland critter sculpture
Layl McDill - cat cane
Anke Humpert - translucent jewelry
Lisa Renner - bathing beauty figural sculpture
Tammy Durham - illustrated greeting cards
Karen Lewis aka KLEW - bead shapes and designs
Tristina Elmes - sculptural fine art with clay and paint
Teresa Salgado aka PANDORA - caning
Marlene Brady - sculptural beads
Linda Hess - votives and vases
Wendy Orlowski - cabezel jewelry
Suzanne Ivester - painting with polymer
Jennifer Morris - embroidery technique
Cat Therien aka CAT - flower cane
PLUS two BONUS lessons designed to kick off the event and close it with a bang....


Wendy said...

Oh Marlene, for once I don't have to feel a little wistful that something great is happening that I am too far away from! I'm in!!! Paid up and excited. Thanks so much for sharing about this and I can't wait for YOUR class! I know all the work that goes into these things so again....THANK YOU!! W xx

Its All About Creating said...

Oh Wendy, you made my day! I thank you!!!!

Barbara said...

I envy Wendy! Even though I'm not often a polymer artist, I have dabbled in it. Plus, I'd love to meet you!

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Barbara. I'm so excited to get my PDF tutorial photographed and written and then doing the video. I'm looking forward to the challenge.