Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sylvie Peraud's Workshop

I made the above pendant in Sylvie Peraud's workshop at Clay Carnival.  I made two, but finished the second one at home which will be posted in a couple of days.  It was a very creative environment and easy to put myself into my work.  I put my own spin on the second one.  I loved learning all the new techniques and getting tips from the instructors.  For me, the value in taking workshops like these offered at Clay Carnival is seeing how an instructor thinks, processes their ideas, corrects mistakes, discovers something new in the process of teaching, shares something spontaneously; I love being part of that.
You can see more of Sylvie's work on her website (click HERE), or on her Flickr site (click HERE).


Barbara said...

Lovely, Marlene, and as always makes a statement. That said I'm really looking forward to your own!

Its All About Creating said...

Thanks Barbara. Mine isn't that much different, but I sure had fun making it.