Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beaded Bracelets

I strung this bracelet on Beadalon and strung a tiny copper charlotte between each disk to eliminate abrasion and to ease the tension in the curves.
The closure consists of looped charlottes on a magnetic closure. I made a Dutch Spiral bracelet (below) and slipped it over memory wire. Glued some vintage roundels and a black crystal on the ends and then glued the end cap on the memory wire.
I bought a broken necklace at an estate sale (took it apart to use the beads) and was told these were "very old" black beads. I used a simple peyote stitch and finished it with a magnetic closure, which if I had it to do over again, I would have finished it in a beautiful sterling clasp.
Below are two embellished free form peyote bracelets I made.
These were four embellished free form peyote bracelets I made and sold in Chicago before our move to Arizona.
Free Form Peyote is my favorite. I guess because I can't make a mistake; it is such a forgiving stitch. There is no set pattern or rules. The stitch just takes you where it wants to go and you follow.

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