Friday, November 6, 2009

Loading the Art Fair Trailer

We have started to load the trailer and car for the art fair tomorrow. I wanted to show my husband's clever idea of using one of IKEA's pot hanger bars to use as a bar for hooking the tie down straps to. They come in different lengths, but he felt this shorter length would give the most stability. He put one on each side, but I have a feeling he is not done.
In the below photo, the four 40 pound weights are on the left.  The rolling cart for transporting boxes of paintings and table set up. The EZ-UP tent and walls are on the right in the long black bag.
Below shows my grid walls for my booth on the right with the "legs" in the blue bag.
Behind the blue bag is my folding director's chair, check-out stand and shelving, tissue and bags for purchases (please let there be many). All that is left is to load the paintings tonight and the jewelry and we will be ready to roll at 6am tomorrow morning.

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