Monday, November 2, 2009

Polymer Clay Texture Stamps

Aren't these are great tool to have? And they are so much fun to make.
Thank you to Arlene Harrison of Harrison Hollow Designs at for teaching me how to do this.
I have tons of texture sheets, but they are difficult to use on some projects so Arlene's little creation is ingenious. The best is these are made from scrap clay! From Arlene’s blogspot: “I remembered seeing an article on PolymerClayWeb about making your own texture tools using buttons and other things around the house. I took that a step further by cutting ½ inch round swirly textured disks (for Santa's beard) and ½ inch round disks of different textures (for Santa's hat). These were then laid on tiles and baked just long enough to firm them up – about 10 minutes. The reason that I did this was so that when you attach them to the "sticks" you don't want to mess up the texture. ”
A sample of her stamps are shown above. The photo below is the print out of her article so I could photograph it to show you the detail Arlene goes to in her blogspot. She is a gifted and talented artist who graciously shares and teaches, as well as promotes other talented polymer clay artists.
So, give them a try. I also like using the 2-part mold making product and made some molds of the "things" I brought back from New Mexico. Just not sure what I am going to make from them, but will post tomorrow anyway.


Arlene Harrison said...

WOW! You just never know where your name is going to pop up (BIG GRIN)! I'm glad you found this information useful. I use one or more of these just about every time I sit down at my worktable because I HATE fingerprints and these take care of them very nicely!

Mary Vogel Lozinak said...

Great post. I teach summer art camp, polymer is our favorite. I end up with lots of over worked colors-I usually mix it in with other colors and make canes that we use the next summer or at birthday parties. This is a great idea. I have a whole collection of these I made from ceramic clay-can't imagine why it never occurred to me to do it with the polymer clay! Great post.