Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Portable Beading

I've been using wet wipe containers for some kind of craft storage for a long time, but had not thought of gluing some velor material on one side (or both) and using it for a portable beading box. Thank you to Barbara Winkler for showing me this. She uses hers when she flies and has had no problems getting it through security.
So, I have one handy, ready to go for the next long car ride or short flight somewhere wonderful. I can hope, right? I will more likely be using mine while sitting in the doctor's waiting room or waiting in a long line at Walmart. Which I don't mind as long as I can use the time to create something.
My small drills fit perfectly in a Huggies container and so do my coloring pencils and pastels.
Since I have on occasion taken a class and lent my things to someone and forgot who, I mark everything with my name or initials (what memory?). Seriously, if it weren't funny, it would be embarrassing.
This is a Space Maker storage container which is a little larger than the Huggies box. I won it in a raffle, so I'm not sure where they can be purchased. I need to look it up because I would like a couple more. Anyway, that's it for today. I have to get these paintings finished and some polymer clay pieces done for the art fair on Saturday. Nothing like the last minute. I guess I will be using that last sentence for the next couple of days.

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