Friday, November 6, 2009

Art Fair Tips

I'm not too hyper. But I thought as long as I was packing everything for the fair tomorrow, I may as well pass along some helpful hints. Transporting paintings that are 36" to 48" from the car/trailer to your booth can be cumbersome. But not with a handy dandy canvas bag. I bought some heavy canvas duck material and sewed up the sides and some sturdy straps and they work great. I place a piece of cardboard between each painting and that keeps the abrasion to a minimum.
I made various sizes starting at 36"x40" and on up. I made 3 to carry paintings and two to carry my check out stand and shelves.
To transport the smaller paintings, I use a plastic box; again with pieces of cardboard between each painting.
I forgot who gave me this tip, but it saves your walls and fingers. You can use a 3" piece of aquarium tubing to cover the hanging wires (where you attach the wires at the screw eyes). I also use masking tape at the 3 points of tension; by the two screw eyes and where it will hang on a picture hanger.

To transport small paintings, I have these inexpensive, sturdy bags (below) we picked up in Mexico.
I finished stringing all my pendants and my fingers are full of Krazy Glue (there went the manicure). So I am off to set the alarm for 4:30 and to get a good night's sleep. 

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