Friday, December 4, 2009

Customizing with Polymer Clay

This is my 100th post! And yesterday someone in Belgium took a quick peek at my blog and that made 25 countries! Two goals I have reached! Yay!
Yesterday's post on Polymer Clay Daily (Belcher’s greater-than-the-sum art) reminded me of a couple of pieces I had done to compliment my clothing. I would have a hard time finding jewelry to match the orange in the below sweater. But with polymer, it's easy.
Below is a large "bug" button that is made from the same canes I made a long time ago.
The pin has yellow and white Swarovski crystals.
Changing out the store bought buttons for handmade polymer buttons really make these jackets.
Textured the above pin with the writing end of a ball point pen.
So that’s it for No.100. I’m heading out the door for foot surgery this morning and will be wheeling around in the above little scooter for the next 6 weeks, but still hope to squeeze in some posts over the holidays and move on to setting new goals.

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Arlene Harrison said...

Good luck on the foot surgery. I had some done a couple of years ago and it relieved a LOT of the pain I had been tolerating.

As for the customization, I cover retractable id reels and attach them to a cord to hang around my neck for the scan card I have to have at work. Anytime I get a new outfit, if I don't already have one that matches or coordinates, I make a new one. Entertains the folks I work with but I hate that tacky black nylon cord that was issued with the scan card.