Thursday, December 3, 2009

Polymer Clay and Resin Gloss

A slice of one of my old canes placed in a metal frame and an acrylic resin poured over it and cured under a UV light.
The same on each of these. The glass-like finish is beautiful and durable.
I placed some tiny Swarovski crystals in the clay before pouring on the resin.
I keep my crystals in Walgreens' 99cent pill containers. You can see what is in them and they fit in any drawer.
Above is one of the metal frames I use and the conditioned polymer clay backing for the slice of cane.
Below is the UV light I use. I love it because it has an on and off switch; unlike the others that turn off automatically and then you have to reset it again to continue curing your piece.


Smekat said...

Hello, Could you explain the UV light with Polymer clay please? Your work is beautiful xxx

Its All About Creating said...

Resin needs the heat of a hot sunny day or a UV light (in the photo) in order to cure it (make it hard). Polymer clay does not need resin. It just gives it another "look". Some artists use it instead of sanding and buffing. Resin can be used to coat polymer clay to give it an extremely glass-like high gloss shine. It will seal in whatever is under it, such as the crystals. Thank you for the compliment; much appreciated. I hope this helps answer your question. If not, feel free to ask more.