Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holy Cards

Every Friday night I would get my allowance and every Saturday I would be in the Religious store spending it on holy cards. I loved holy cards; the blurry softness of the colors, the sweet innocent looks of the children, the loving faces of the adults.
There were a few with torturous, sad faces, but even those were beautiful to me. My grandmother gave me a holy card from 1939.
I still have the little wooden box I used to keep them in. The name "McAneny" was already written in it. I just wrote my name under it like I was the second in line to own this little treasure.
I've been laying them out, photographing them, photocopying them and compiling my collage file for them.
My First Communion Book from 1953 or 1954 is in OK condition. Can't believe I scotch taped the sides of it.
The inside is in perfect condition.
After the toe/foot heals up, I'm going to give some collages a try. Something with a "shrine" effect, but with Milagros and modern interpretation of prayer....whatever that means.
I threw in the below photo because this glow-in-the-dark Sacred Heart hung in my bedroom as a child. It glowed in the dark! Seriously. I've always hung onto it because it fascinated me.
Anyway, can't get around too much yet, so am back to organizing pictures and planning out future pieces. Going to try to work on some polymer today.


miramecreations said...

So sorry, you are having a tough time getting around. I had a friend who had foot surgery and had to use one of those things...not fun. I just wanted to comment on your beautiful cards...they are quite lovely. Something you will treasure for a long time.

Rhonda said...

Awesome holy card collection. I'm so jealous. Again, hide these, I will steal them. LOL