Friday, August 13, 2010

deMeng Workshop-My Piece

The Queen of Debris: She shopped 'til she dropped. She couldn't be stopped.
Junk she accumulated; odds & ends to be assimilated.
She transformed garbahge into masterpieces of assemblahge.
I celebrate her creativity; her drive for connectivity.
This homage to her I give; through her art, she'll always live.
My "Day of the Dead" creation from the Michael deMeng workshop at Art Unraveled. Hope your Friday the 13th is a lucky one!


Barbara said...

The skeletal image, her treasures, and the poem that go with her are great -- shopping until she dropped indeed, actually still shopping after she dropped! There's a huge message about obsessive gathering of "things" in this piece, and I have to admit I've felt like her at times. ;)

miramecreations said...

I absolutely love your piece, Marlene...she is awesome! I have to agree with Barbara...I too have felt like her at times. The pepsi in her hand is absolutely adorable! Your work is unbelievable!

Whytefeather said...

I'm not a big fan of "day of the dead" things, no one has yet been able to explain it to me in a way that clicks or makes sense to me. BUT...

You've shown some great photos of others work that I really like, and your piece is just fantastic. I can see "too much stuff" but I also am seeing it from the idea of taking "junk stuff" and making new things with it.

I really like your work and this piece has expanded my way of looking at things too, thank you for sharing!

bbdyevr said...

How fitting that Phoenix is where we live as your gal "rises from the ashes" with her transformed junk into a new art form!

LOVE the piece AND the poem along with
it! Oh you talented, artistic, wild, crazy
gal, you!

Also love the piece from the post before this...
looks like it should be on top of and around an antiqued mirror...with some Spanish tiles, too.

Big hugs!