Sunday, August 29, 2010

Polymer Sculpture-Zen

Same zen polymer sculpture over an aluminum foil armature, but with different costuming. I like to experiment with the costuming. I'll photograph, compare, decide and then glue and/or sew. This is sheepskin, which is more structured and gives a nice shape. But I decided to go with the first one with the torn blue linen.


Anonymous said...

Either fabric fits this sculpture (I'm still in awe of what you achieved with the face!), but the torn blue linen says something about making the most out of less -- and that's a very Zen-like thought, so I vote for that one too. Might you be showing a picture and description of the structure underneath? I'm curious about that.

Whytefeather said...

Seconding Barbara's comment... I'm curious too! And I can definitely see the zen-thought with the blue linen but I do like both. It really is neat the way the coverings chance the look of the same head, which I am awe of too :)
You do such interesting faces!