Monday, August 2, 2010

Tiger Claws

I didn't get any beading done because I got sidetracked again. I went through my stash looking for odds and ends to bring to the Art Unraveled workshops this week and I came across a tiger claw necklace I bought about 30 years ago. I was fascinated with the claws and tried to duplicate them in polymer.
For 30 years ago, they're not bad considering there were no color recipes for "claws". But I see why I packed them away. The necklace is quite beautiful. One of these days I will have to look up its meaning. When I bought it, the person said it would bring luck to the one who wears it.


Lois Moon said...

This is what I found:

TIGER CLAW pendant meaning To Overcome With Strength. The tiger is known for it's ferociousness and this stylized pendant represents the fierce, strong, and powerful.

Symbolically the tiger represents strength, fierceness, valor, and aggression. It is also a highly adaptable animal and can be found in such vastly different climates as frozen tundras and grassy plains, even in tropical swamps. Proving that with enough determination one can overcome anything.

Its All About Creating said...

Thank you! So nice of you to take the time to look it up. -Marlene

divineinsightmusic said...
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Bart Boge said...


The necklace is wonderful. For some reason I've had trouble posting to this page, so if you see duplicate comments from me, please delete them.

I am writing a historical fiction novel set two millennia ago in Asia Minor (modern Turkey). My main protagonist, a Greek/Persian princess, wears PRECISELY the same necklace as you've done here. EXACTLY what I envisioned.

Could I contact you about getting more pictures of it that I might use in the cover design of my book? Thanks.

Bart of DIS

Bart Boge said...

Hello again, Marlene!

Two years later, and my novel is written and nearing publication. Thank you for helping to inspire me on the journey!

Check your email--I just wrote you with more specifics.