Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Queen of Debris

Below was the first draft of The Queen. I sent my friend a photo of her and she told me that she needed some junk and some junk store signs to tie her in with the "shopping for junk" poem.
She was right. The final version tells the whole story. I sculpted the head from Sculpey Light polymer clay. I used an aluminum foil armature to keep it even lighter. I used a wire insert to secure the head to the doll's body. Her tiarra and earrings are junk jewelry and her earrings are held in place with copper nails.
The plastic bag is made from a plastic bag and painted.
I sculpted her top and skirt from two-part Apoxie Sculpt. Her skirt has a metal screw closure and her boots are painted on.
Her "heart" is from a broken earring finding. The texture is from tub and tile caulking and pieces of hardware I embedded in the caulking. The entire piece was distressed using several of Michael deMeng's color recipes. I sealed the piece using a spray matte sealer. I really had fun with this piece and decided to finish the other two I had started in class.


Carol said...

She it FANTASTIC!! So perfect and appropriate to be a skeleton.

Elaine A said...

Love this! What a fun project. Just this morning I was digging thru my fabric bins looking for my day of the dead material. Thanks for sharing.